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You don’t wash your hair? August 7, 2012

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“You don’t wash your hair?” asks a friend with a disgusted look. Haha. Thats the first thing people ask when they discover that I don’t shampoo my hair on a regular basis. While I am amused by the question, some clarification is necessary. I don’t wash my hair with harsh chemicals everyday like most women do these days.

In an effort to slowly eliminate any potentially harmful chemicals from my household as well as save some money, I am replacing my old store-bought (a.k.a. expensive) beauty and household products with more natural homemade products. As one item runs out, I intend to replace it with something that I consider much safer for my family while saving money at the same time. One of the first places I discovered that I can start was with my shampoo.

Here is what I do. In January I began a 30 day shampoo strike. You heard me. I didn’t wash my hair with shampoo for an entire 30 day period. Instead, I mixed 1 Tbs of baking soda with 1 cup of water in an old travel squirt bottle that I had around. Everyday I would give the bottle a little shake and squirt a bit into the roots of my hair while in the shower. After a quick massage, I thoroughly rinsed my hair clean of the baking soda. I’m not going to lie. My hair looked aweful for a period while it adjusted to my new routine. But once my hair stopped producing too much oil (about 6 weeks!!), my hair looked great (by great, I mean even healthier than it looked while I used shampoo). After the first month, I was able to use the baking soda routine every other day. I still make sure that I thoroughly cleanse my hair everyday with water and occasionally I feel the need to use a little mild shampoo (sometimes I use my daughter’s organic baby shampoo) but I feel much better about reducing the chemicals that I use on a regular basis. I also love that a box of baking soda is so cheap. I haven’t done the math, but every dollar saved is huge to us and I can’t remember the last time I bought shampoo.

Something else I use pretty regularly is apple cider vinegar. I dilute 1 tbs of vinegar with 1 cup of water in another squirt bottle and keep that on hand in the shower when I feel like my hair needs conditioning. It softens hair. The only negative against the vinegar rinse, is the smell. I have heard of people adding a few drops of essential oil, but if I rinse really well, the smell is not a problem. Keep in mind that if you try this at home, you might have to play with the ratios of baking soda and vinegar to water. Not everyone’s hair is just like mine.

Now that my little secret is out, I hope that you’re not completely grossed out! Google this for yourself. I’m not alone!


2 Responses to “You don’t wash your hair?”

  1. thecoastallivingmom Says:

    I’d love to get into this method! I use Whole Foods brand shampoo which doesn’t have the sulfates, parabens, etc… but this is where I want to go. I’m nervous about the transition time though! lol

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